Fabric Organizer - Wood Frame with Slots for Dowels!

I posted 2 years ago about a fabric organizer that hung on my sewing room door.  People liked it, 'pinned' it and asked questions on how I made it... but after a while the organizer became a problem.  With the weight of my fabric it was pulling the door off the hinges!

Here's my new invention - and it is SO much better!

I bought 3 2x3's that were 8 feet tall.  I cut one board for the 2 short ends (decide how wide you want your organizer).  I marked where I wanted me dowel slots and cut the slots out with my router (my husband helped).  I attached all the pieces for the frame with long screws and put some wood buttons over the screw heads to hide.  Sand and stain!  Last, I cut my dowel rods the length I needed.

I love this organizer because it is floor-to-ceiling and I can move it easily if I need.  I can slide the whole organizer down to reach the top and I can also remove the dowels or space them out as needed. 

Want to organize your thread?  Look here.

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